Ruchi Chitral 

"I am really thankful for the teachers who are taking pains in the virtual classes that kids learn the same way as they were in person.  Miss Kayva always makes sure that my daughter is following by asking for a rehearsal video once the class is over. With these videos, she makes sure to correct specifics such as my daughter's leg and hand movements as and  where necessary. I really appreciate the teachers in BDC who makes sure that kids enjoy and learn the right steps. My daughter looks forward to her weekly class and is always excited."
"I've enjoyed my classes with BDC, the process to sign up for classes was easy and they are affordable. They have a wide variety of classes and class times so everyone can join! I love the bollywood belly dance class with Kayva and am excited to be learning new choreos I can use for future events and parties!"

Maha Aziz

Jag Chopra

"The Bollywood Dance class for kids is fantastic! The teachers really know their stuff, the kids love the music and learning energetic dance moves. Most of all the kids have such a sense of pride and satisfaction after learning unique routines for each Bollywood song."
"The BDC academy constantly and continuously is becoming more organized and dedicated to their students. This academy has changed the face of virtual learning provided how actively students can learn and implement—I can confidently say that this forum is as, if not more, effective than in-person classes. Highly recommended for students of all ages."

Sunil Jha